Laminated passes

A laminate pass is generally ordered when a pass is going to be used for more than one day and/or where the designation requires something a little bit more special and secure, i.e. VIP, access all areas etc.

The laminate insert is designed in our in-house studio and then printed in our print shop onto a wide range of materials including fluorescent paper, holographic foils, mirrored boards and papers etc. Alternatively the design may be printed in any number of colours onto a white background. For additional security we can incorporate holograms, cut-outs etc. in the pass design and bar codes, sequential numbering and individuals names if required.

The standard size is A7 with a 67 x 92 mm insert but other sizes are available - please see "Specs and Samples" below.

Laminate accessories

We offer a wide range of accessories for your laminate passes including cord lanyards, printed lace lanyards, bead chains, luggage loops, lapel clips, whistles, mobile phone holders, pouches etc.

Clear PVC pocket pouches are available in standard sizes or can be made to order. Laminated passes are quite often used alongside satin passes within a security pass system.