Satin cloth passes

Publicity & Display were the first company in the UK to produce self-adhesive satin cloth passes and have been designing and printing them for over thirty years.

Self-adhesive satin cloth is a versatile material; passes can be stuck on clothing and can be worn outside without disintegrating in wet weather. They can be written on using biro or permanent marker (or we can provide rubber stamps). Satin cloth passes are often designed with one or more blank box so that you can write or stamp information onto the pass, e.g. the day that the pass is valid for or the area that the pass allows access to. All Publicity & Display Satin Cloth has a security backprint.


Your satin cloth pass system can be colour-coded, shape-coded or both. You may choose to use the same design on all your passes and just change the colour of the pass for each day or show.

Satin cloth passes can be printed using any colour ink that you choose including a range of fluorescent inks. We can print in a single spot colour, two colour, three colour or four colour.

Using a colour-coded pass system operates well in large venues where security personnel can easily spot someone wearing the wrong colour pass. Similarly different shaped passes allow for easy identification.

Our standard passes are 4x3" or 5x3" but we can provide almost any shape pass - square, circle, triangle, pentagon, octagon, oval, diamond, star; we have even produced lemon-shaped passes and tshirt-shaped passes! We are always happy to receive new challenges so if you want a particular shaped pass just ask!


The cost of our passes includes artwork but you may wish to supply your own or just provide logos and let us do the rest. We can use halftone photos on satin cloth passes but will incur an additional artwork charge.

Satin cloth passes can be used in conjunction with laminated passes on a tour or large event.

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