This is where it all started! Publicity & Display have been printing posters for over thirty years.

Our posters have been used all over the UK promoting thousands of concerts and events.

In addition to all the big names in music we also print posters to publicise many different types of events including student union gigs, stock car racing, agricultural shows, classical concerts, ballet, theatre etc.

We are specialists in silk screen printing, producing posters in single colour, two colour, three colour and four colour. We can print on to white paper or a range of fluorescent colours including yellow, green, pink, red and orange. Logos, photos and other imagery that you wish to use can be incorporated into the poster design.

The standard poster sizes are:

A selection of posters

Posters are dispatched in rolls. They can be sent by overnight courier or by Royal Mail Special Delivery. We can also ship posters to any destination in the world.

Coming soon

we are currently having our poster samples photographed and archived and we will be adding them to the site over the next few months. We have a huge "library" of posters going all the back to the seventies! We promise you will be amazed...