Tour itineraries & booklets

One of Publicity & Display's specialities.

A must for all tours ensuring that everyone is in the right place at the right time.

Typically an itinerary will include details of who's who on the tour, contact information, venue information and day-to-day schedules.

Information and schedules are sent to us for formatting, collating, proof reading and printing. Often this is last minute but we have many years' experience and the latest computer software packages to get the finished product to you on time.

We supply you with a high-quality spiral-bound book with laminated front and back covers produced to A6, A5 or A4 sizes.

We also offer different coloured spirals, single colour or full colour pages and a gloss card back cover as standard.

Spiral colours available from stock include ;-

Black, White, Clear, Silver, Gold, Red, Blue & Green

Other colours are available.

Front covers can also be individually named or numbered for security purposes.

A selection of tour itineraries